E: Creating Studies from Full-Texts

When the researchers are doing a research, they might produce different reports from their report. For example they might register their proposal or protocol in a register, they also might publish their proposal/protocol in a journal, they might present their results in three conferences as an abstract, the slides, or a poster, and they might publish the three papers in different journals.

Although they have done one study, they have produced 8 reports of the same study. Although these reference may have been treated as separate studies in the early stages of the systematic revewing, as soon as you realise that they all belong to the same study, you should merge them into one study (Watch our video to see how you can merge the studies in Review Manager (RevMan)).

While doing the systematic review, we put all the reports of the same study under one study name and we cite the Study rather than a single report to present the whole body of the work. This process sometimes called ‘Studification’.

This means we do not delete the other reports just because they are a protocol or a conference abstract but we keep them all under one study name for example Jackson 20171-8.

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