The Services

Either you are student or senior researcher, a clinician, an academician, or a policy maker, we support you for all 48 types of literature reviews including

We provide services for all stages of systematic reviewing:

* We offer flexible rates and service levels based on your available time, skills, and resources.

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” … helped us with an unusual and intractable challenge, and an excellent paper ensued.”

Professor David Baguley, UK

” … over 6 years published many systematic reviews with … wonderful skill of conducting searching for systematic reviews (any kinds).”

Professor Erika Ota, Japan

” … excellent information specialist with whom I have worked with on multiple systematic reviews … provides comprehensive and rigorous search strategies that address the research question … is always prompt and efficient, as well as being very friendly and personable …”

Dr Amelia Hicks, Australia

“Highly recommend these services … helped me develop a search strategy for my systematic review … went above and beyond to make sure my protocol and search strategy were suitable for publication … wealth of knowledge … always quick to reply. Would definitely use these services again!”

Dr Sarah Carrier, Australia

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