Farhad, Senior Researcher

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Farhad is an information scientist and a systematic reviewer since 2004. He is an expert in search methodology, screening, data extraction, and systematic review computer programs. He was a research fellow and lecturer at University of Nottingham and currently works at King’s College London. He holds a PhD in Evidence Synthesis and as methodologist, he is a co-author of searching and screening chapter in the 2nd edition of Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions and reporting guidelines such as PRISMA and PRIOR. As a member of research team, he is involved in several national and international programs funded by WHO, Gates Foundation, UK Stroke Association, and NIHR for projects that were running in Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, the UK, and the USA.

He has been invited to deliver lectures on systematic reviews. Farhad recently delivered the most viewed webinar of Elsevier’s channel. He was invited speaker in Search Solutions 2018 and since then he delivers tutorials for British Computer Society (the Chartered Institute for IT). In 2019, he was awarded by the head of Nottingham’s School of Medicine for exceptional performance in research and teaching (from students’ feedback).

His most recent free webinar attracted hundreds of participants from 38 countries. Watch the recording for free: Computer Programs for Semi-Automation of Evidence Synthesis


Farhad has worked with 16 Cochrane Groups and contributed to over 400 Cochrane systematic reviews. As a result, he is also among top 10 responding volunteers in Cochrane. His main area of volunteering with Cochrane is data extraction from non-English studies (Arabic, Azerbaijani, French, German, Italian, Persian, Spanish, Tajik and Turkish)

In his spare time, he curates Systematic Review and Academic Writing topics on ResearchGate, and has added over 329 answers to the questions asked by the researchers about these topics since 2008, the ResearchGate’s birth year.

Furthermore, he is an editor of Systematic Reviews journal and World Journal of Meta-Analysis and has peer-reviewed 77 papers for 18 journals. He recently joined Evidence Aid to fight against COVID-19.

Farhad has developed the first Living Search Strategy to retrieve all the literature relevant to COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2 in PubMed. The report is published in Journal of Clinical Epidemiology. An independent multi-national research identified this filter as the most sensitive way of identifying literature about COVID-19.

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Ghazaleh, Team Leader

Ghazaleh holds a master’s degree in information science and is an information scientist, a researcher and a volunteer with Cochrane. She used to be a teacher and a bibliotherapist before starting the data management in clinical settings. She also led the first randomised controlled trial on effect of bibliotherapy on earthquake-caused anxiety among school-aged students.

She is experienced in registers of clinical trials and systematic reviews. She also is interested in data extraction (abstraction) and management of systematic reviews. She has recently lead and finished two Cochrane systematic reviews and a scoping review and currently is working on two new Cochrane reviews. She is also working on a new overview right now. See her recent Cochrane review on Avatar Therapy and her scoping review on Post-Stroke Fatigue.


Ghazaleh has been a volunteer with Cochrane Crowd and Cochrane TaskExchange since 2016. She has helped many reviewers answering their questions or in eligibility check or data extraction of English and non-English literature.


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