Farhad is an information specialist and a systematic reviewer since 2004. He is an expert in literature search methodology. Currently, he is a researcher and lecturer at University of Nottingham and Cochrane. He also is a co-author of search chapter in the next edition of Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions. He continues volunteering with systematic review teams and providing the consultancy service. As a member, he has been involved in several national and international projects including WHO and NHS NIHR projects.

He has been invited to deliver lectures on systematic reviews. His recently delivered a webinar for Elsevier.

Farhad’s Profiles: University of Nottingham

Volunteering: Farhad is the curator of Systematic Review and Academic Writing topics on ResearchGate, a free forum, and have added over 224 answers to the questions asked by the researchers about these topics since 2008, the establishment year of the forum.



Ghazaleh holds a master’s degree in information science and is an information scientist, a researcher and a volunteer with Cochrane. She used to be a teacher and a bibliotherapist before starting the data management in clinical settings.¬†She is currently working on four Cochrane reviews.

She is experienced in registers of clinical trials and systematic reviews. She also is interested in data extraction (abstraction) and management of systematic reviews.


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